The Cornerstones of Authentic Management

Authenticity is something we strive for as we improve our Pure Octane leadership approach. As we’ve made strides toward more effective management, we’ve discovered a few key elements of authentic leadership. Here are the aspects we’re focused on as we improve our leadership acumen.

One thing we’ve learned to embrace is transparency. This is a key to building trust throughout an organization, as well as a driver of strong collaboration. Authentic managers are clear in the purpose behind each project, which allows their team members to invest in the work they do right through to a successful outcome.

Empathy is another key trait shared by authentic leaders. It’s also a hallmark of the Pure Octane ethos, helping us understand what customers need and how our people want to utilize their unique talents. Practicing empathy has also helped us build a culture of respect in which everyone is comfortable sharing ideas.

Authentic management is also a matter of being grounded, because humility allows leaders to put the needs of their companies and their associates ahead of their own. We do our best to show appreciation to our team members and spread the credit around when things are going well. Doing so allows us to stay humble and inspire our people to do the same.

We’re working to uphold these pillars of authentic leadership.