How to Tastefully Promote Yourself

Self-promotion doesn’t come easily for some people, but it’s a big part of steady career advancement. Around the Pure Octane office, we’ve been discussing the following strategies for subtle but effective promotion of our own worthwhile achievements:

• Keeping Track: We start with a running list of our career wins, because we don’t want them to be lost to time once we move on to the next big challenge. By including as many facts and figures as we can, we give ourselves good ammunition for performance reviews and for making strong cases when a promotion becomes available.

• Using Social Media: Every popular network is useful for self-promotion, but we use LinkedIn more than any other here at Pure Octane HQ. It’s easy to add examples of our work, including charts that display the effects we’ve had through our efforts. We’ve also found it helpful to share the progress we’re making to improve our skill sets, because it gives us extra motivation to keep pushing ahead.

• Telling a Story: Putting our success into narrative form is another good strategy for impactful self-promotion. We aim to create stories with clear introductions and compelling ends that give vivid pictures of how far we’ve come in our careers.

These strategies are making it easier for us to promote our own professional progress.