Learning on the Job Made Easy

Pure Octane is all about constant improvement, which is why we’re always looking for ways to keep learning on the job. We’ve discovered a few reliable strategies for doing so, which we put into action for the benefit of our careers.

Shadowing a knowledgeable person is one great way to learn, both during initial training and deep into your career. Whether or not the high achiever becomes a long-term mentor, you can gain remarkable insights from following him or her around for a few hours. Reach out to accomplished people within your organization and from other companies.

Asking questions is another ideal method for learning on the job. This goes for the early days with a company and years into your tenure, because there’s always something new to learn. We keep a running list of questions to ask our Pure Octane leaders, doing our best to pose them one at a time so we don’t overwhelm anyone.

We’ve also found that talking through challenging situations is an effective way to get the answers we need. By brainstorming possible courses of action and putting them into words, we get a better feel for how to move forward. When we explain our thoughts to our colleagues, we receive feedback to make the right types of adjustments.

These techniques help us accelerate our development as we tackle big projects.