Networking Requires Strong First Impressions

When we’re building our Pure Octane contact lists, we pay special attention to the first impression we make on each potential connection. We’ve been using the following simple strategies to ensure that we’re remembered in a positive light when we meet new people:

• Inviting Body Language: Open postures and solid eye contact are two key nonverbal forms of communication we’ve always stressed in our Pure Octane networking efforts. Recently we’ve become more conscious of what we’re doing with our arms. We make sure to keep them at our sides, because crossing them reflects a lack of openness.

• Asking the Right Questions: We’ve learned that open-ended questions are the best ones to pose at networking events. They get people talking about themselves, which means we’re more likely to find some common ground to start building connections. We also lean in slightly when a potential contact is answering a question to show that we’re genuinely interested in learning more.

• Keeping Intros Concise: In just a couple of sentences, we try to include as much information as possible about what we do and what our unique strengths are. This is a great way to ensure that our new contacts remember the value we can offer.

These methods are helping us impress when networking.