Productive Commuting Made Simple

Our dedication to professional development isn’t limited to what we do at Pure Octane HQ, so we also make the most of the time we spend traveling to and from the office. Here are the best strategies we’ve found for making our commutes more productive.

Listening to engaging content is one of the easiest ways to improve a commute, and the fact that you can do it whether or not you’re behind the wheel makes it even better. There are so many great podcasts and audiobooks we can explore, with every possible topic pretty much covered. We listen to learn and to be entertained in equal measure, because either type of listening motivates us to do our best work.

Our commutes are also ideal times to track our achievements, so we reflect on what’s been successful for us and where we need to make improvements. Those of us who drive make mental notes of these things, especially when we’re on our way home at the conclusion of a busy day.

We also adjust our Pure Octane to-do lists when we’re on our way to and from the office. In the morning, this helps us get down to business right from the start of the day without being diverted by distractions. When we’re headed home, we can set priorities for the day to come and establish long-range objectives based on the progress we’re making.

These methods have greatly improved our productivity during our journeys to and from the Pure Octane workplace.