Pure Octane on How to Regain and Retain Motivation

Motivation is one of those qualities we all lose from time to time. According to our Pure Octane team, it’s not important how you lost your motivation so much as it is that you get it back. Thus, we’d like to consider some critical strategies to help you regain your inner stimulation.

Organization can be motivating in many ways. As our Pure Octane experts identify, this activity allows you to develop a clear picture of what you need to accomplish. When your mind is cluttered with multiple details, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain your focus. Therefore, gather your thoughts and transfer them to paper. This will help you prioritize, eliminate, and delegate tasks so that you’re able to complete more in less time. As a result, you’ll also feel re-energized and extremely productive.

Sometimes the issue with motivation is lack of inspiration. Our Pure Octane professionals liken this to opening the fridge door and seeing nothing appealing, and the same can be true when working on projects. You need something to spark your imagination. Go for a walk. Visit a museum or gallery. Surf YouTube or Pinterest for a little while (but set a time limit so you don’t go overboard). Solutions often come from the least expected places when your mind is receptive.

It’s time to regain your motivational forces and cement productive practices.