Pure Octane Shares Ageless Management Tips

If this is your first management gig, you might be intimidated managing individuals who are older than you, who are peers, or those who are younger (and more tech savvy). In other words, our Pure Octane team suggests that managing requires confidence, no matter how old your team members are. Here are some timeless tips for dealing with people of all ages in the workplace:

• Don’t Assume Older Associates Think You’re Too Young: There’s a likelihood that you might be managing team members who are your parents’ peers. Our Pure Octane experts state that you should never assume that they will treat you as younger. Establish that you are their manager and treat them with respect. It will be reciprocated.

• Watch Your Social Media Postings: More importantly, our Pure Octane professionals recommend that you set your privacy settings to a stringent level. Be careful of what you post because it can lower others’ opinions of you. No one needs to see pictures of their boss sans shirt or in lingerie, no matter how physically fit you are. As a rule, don’t friend your colleagues online.

• Share Your Appreciation With Your Team: The more inspirational leaders are those who respect their associates and communicate how much they value team members’ efforts and expertise. Regardless of what generation they belong to, if you effectively manage to build a team, age will become an insignificant detail.

Age in the workplace won’t be inhibiting if you focus on people, not numbers.