Pure Octane’s Budget-Friendly Travel Practices

You’ve just started your own business and need to travel to promote it. How can you maximize your minimal travel budget? Our Pure Octane road warriors offer a few ideas to help you find new options:

• Optimize Your Schedule: Your goal here is to limit the number of nights that you’re on the road. Therefore, our Pure Octane team recommends using Google Maps to plot out where your meeting locations are and schedule your visits so that your distance is tight between locales. Plan just enough time between meetings to travel, with a buffer for gatherings that go longer than scheduled. If you make a concerted effort, you can schedule five meetings a day.

• Look for Free Stuff: We’re not just talking about toiletries and other disposal amenities. Our Pure Octane professionals suggest finding affordable hotels with perks like free in-room Wi-Fi and breakfasts. Some chains offer complimentary happy hours with light buffets that could make filling meals. If you can supplement items on which you’d normally spend your per diem with courtesy options, you can pocket more dollars.

• Use Public Transportation: If your business is in a large city, identify whether it would be easy to travel around by public transportation. This will save you significant money on both car rentals and parking fees. Try to book your accommodations within walking distance of some venues.

Little savings can add up to larger dollars if you think creatively when traveling.